Economy & Budget

Since the COVID 19 Pandemic, our residents have been out of work and businesses have been shut down or revenues dramatically reduced. Unemployment has jumped significantly and experts say that commercial property values will be dropping.  All of this impacts our city budget and hard decisions will need to be made.

As we are already working through some of these decisions, we’ve seen many planned projects move out beyond the next few years, including the new pool we had planned to build in this decade of Penny for Pinellas funds.  We’ve taken employee raises off the table when they are the ones on the front lines every day.  And it looks like we will still have a $2M deficit in the next two years.

That’s why it is so important to have strong and experienced leadership during tough times like these. During my tenure, I’ve led through good times and bad; during the economic boom of the early 2000’s and during the economic downturn of the late 2000’s.  I’ve led through our rebound in the most recent years, as well as through Hurricane Irma.  My record is very clear.

While serving you, I’ve voted for low-income senior tax discounts, reduced our mileage rate twice, voted against flagrant mileage rate increases & budgets that didn’t make sense. In fact, the city has had a mere 1% increase in our millage rate since my initial election.  All of these actions have ensured that Dunedin’s credit rating is considered outstanding.  As we go into more uncertain financial times, we need balanced leadership to ensure we are fiscally responsible while not forgetting about our residents’ needs and the quality of life we all cherish.

**You can trust I have the experience to see us through tough times.**

These are just a few of the many issues we will face in our future. I want to hear from you as well. Tell me what you think is important. Email me @ or call me @ 727-639-3458 and let’s discuss Dunedin’s future. Your voice is the most important one in the room!