Parking and Traffic

Downtown Dunedin has grown into a unique destination for residents and visitors alike.  Our former Mayors and Commissioners laid out their vision for a bustling, yet quaint community.  Thirty plus years later, we have achieved that vision but we are busting at the seams. While this may be considered a great problem to have, we need to be creative on how we move forward.

As your Mayor, I have consistently voted against paid parking. In fact, I’m the only one who has consistently voted against it.

To address parking and traffic, we led by thinking more creatively– cars are not the only form of transportation to our Downtown.

As most of you know, I worked hard to partner with our North County communities to bring the Jolley Trolley to Dunedin.  While weekend service was a great success – our parking problem was still growing.

As your Mayor, I went to work again to increase this service to 7 days a week. Additionally, this new service included a route that goes directly in front of the TD Ball Park during Spring Training.  We also created a park and ride for game attendees.  And I’m proud to say that these services came at NO additional cost to the taxpayer. 

Additionally, I championed the Clearwater/Dunedin Ferry coming to our marina.  This has allowed the tourists to arrive here and our residents to visit Clearwater without a car, thereby reducing traffic and parking needs.

But we aren’t done.  I represent Dunedin on the county’s Forward Pinellas Transportation Planning Board.  These are the folks that help us deal with the county and the Florida Department of Transportation.  As you know, Dunedin has three state roads and two county roads running through it. We get a lot of pass through traffic that impacts our commute times dramatically.  Traffic is further stressed as Pinellas County has roughly 5.6 million visitors annually and Dunedin roughly 800K. Dunedin loves its visitors, but resident quality of life requires experienced traffic planning.

I’ve been actively working with these organizations to improve traffic on the Causeway along with wait times into Honeymoon Island.  I’ve also championed the SR580 Corridor Study, which we hope to begin in the next year.  The Alt 19 Corridor Study has been well on its way & we hope to see improvements in the next two years.  And finally, the Skinner Boulevard improvements, which we received some grant funding for, will be completed in the next five years.  Skinner includes added parking as well.

**You can trust my track record of better parking and traffic management. **

These are just a few of the many issues we will face in our future. I want to hear from you as well. Tell me what you think is important. Email me @ or call me @ 727-639-3458 and let’s discuss Dunedin’s future. Your voice is the most important one in the room!