Thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in the future of Dunedin!

Besides being a mom, I can honestly say that serving as your Mayor has been the most rewarding job I have ever had and I want to personally thank you for allowing me to be your representative.

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What I’ve learned while serving as your Mayor is that this job isn’t just about running a meeting and cutting ribbons.  A Mayor needs to be in touch with all walks of life in our community and must work hard to bridge the gap between differing stakeholder opinions.  And any given issue can have a dramatic effect on our residents or business owners.  Major changes to our way of life have to be approached with great care, caution, and thoughtfulness.

The next generation deserves a community that has a safe family atmosphere, affordable taxes, and clean water – but these are the basics that everyone should expect from their local government. I know that Dunedin is anything BUT basic!

We are a village with a strong community driven way of life. You may love the arts, the beach, the downtown, our Celtic culture, Spring Training, our parks, or even our special events. They are all equally important to the recipe of what Dunedin is today and our decisions should always elevate our community beyond BASIC!

Dunedin has celebrated great accomplishments and faced daunting challenges in recent times.  With a clear vision of where we’ve been, and where our residents want us to go, I’m vested in our community and remain passionate about its possibilities.  It’s important to be accessible, transparent, and committed to our community and I’m proud to be a public servant who reflects the positive qualities of Dunedin!

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